Aug 022012

New Studies Reveal Benefits of Cocoa Beans on our Health

New studies are being done by some of the worlds leading chocolate manufacturers into the health effects of cocoa beans.

For years chocolate enthusiasts and the scientific community have been compiling data on the benefits of  polyphenols an element found in cocoa beans. In repeated studies polyphenols have been proven to be rich in antioxidants and to provide significant protection against cardiovascular disease.  Studies have also suggested, however not conclusively so in humans, other positive effects of poly­phenol including a impact on memory and learning ability.

Effects on our bodies cells

Vegetables and fruits naturally contain high amounts of polyphenols. We have known for years that fruit and veg have an antioxidant effect on the body, however we are now seeing in new research that the cocoa bean and more specifically dark chocolate also contain a great deal of polyphenols and their antioxidant properties. These antioxidants go a long way in assisting our bodies in the fight against free radicals, which studies suggest cause cell damage. In addition to combating cell damage and cardioid-vascular disease, polyphennols have also been seen to support the functions of our immune system. In other studies research has also shown polyphenols may have anti ageing effects and combat against memory loss too.

Of course chocolate lovers want more reasons to eat their favourite treat and with more and more research being done and more and more results being published there are more!

The emotional health benefits of eating good quality chocolate have also been proven with tests resulting in mood enhancement and stress relief.

The physical and emotional benefits from eating quality chocolate has lead to an increase in “functional chocolates” popularity. Functional chocolate eating is really the act of purchasing and eating chocolate on the basis that this chocolate has significant health benefits.

This has resulted in manufactures working on and developing actual ranges to cater to this new demand including:

  • Chocolate for improving your mood
  • Chocolate that gives a sense of well being
  • Chocolate for the cardiovascular system
  • Chocolate to that help maintain body weight
  • Chocolate to enhance the memory
  • Tooth kind chocolate
  • Chocolate to enhance concentration
  • Chocolate to boost the immune system

The health benefits of top quality chocolate have been proven, but don’t let the sciency part take away the pure enjoyment of the treat itself. Just know that a little of what you fancy always does you good, regardless of the science behind it all.

Mar 042012

Weddings are blissful occasions where two individuals confirm their adoration and love for one another. A wedding day is also just the right time for couples to enjoy their fondness for chocolate with their family and friends. It has been an ongoing tradition for the Bride and Groom to show their appreciation to their guests by offering a small Wedding Favor or Bonbonniere, ,as known here in Australia,  a small heart shaped chocolate or other gourmet styles such as our Chocolate Plato range.

Milk Dark or filled Chocolate Foiled Hearts

Feb 252012

You know that feeling you have leaving a shop having had a chat and a giggle with the proprietor who knew your name or remembered that you were asking about a particular chocolate the last time you were in?

All these businesses want their customers to have a great experience with them and to enjoy their chocolate treats. This could not be more true when  shopping within  Australia’s finest department stores whilst looking for a chocolate gift box for that special someone.

Fardoulis Chocolates is set up as a family business in Sydney Australia.

Opera  Collection

Our wonderful Ayca designed the new' Opera Collection'

Anna and Constantinos of the Fardoulis team say

“We are so proud of the way we have developed as a business and work to keep up the standards of good quality chocolates”

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Feb 142012

Head over heels for something sweet

By Sandra Siagian

IT’S that time of year when you can make like Cupid and shower a friend or loved one with that something special. Whether it be roses, chocolates or a fancy meal, Valentine’s Day is seen by some as the perfect time to express romantic feelings. According to the experts, chocolate is considered a treat and said to symbolise love and passion. The chocolate plant itself — ‘‘theobroma cacao’’ — literally translates to the ‘‘food of the gods’’ in Greek..

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