Fardoulis Chocolates pleasure anytime, anyday

They say a leopard doesn’t change its spots, but when it comes to a big block of chocolate you have a different story. We can pretty much mould our chocolate into almost anything you like.

Just like our epicurean shape chocolates, which is as sweet as the lips behind the scenes.


It is human nature to create links and attachments to things that make us happy. Generally we associate purple with luxury, number 5 with a famous perfume and …


… number 8 always make us think of the infinity sign.

Here, we associate Fardoulis Chocolates with pleasures anytime, any day. To us chocolate is luxury best served with a sense of humor.


Make sure you all enjoy a bit of luxury this weekend, I know I will!

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Have your chocolate block morning or night …

The biggest block, the best block … the chocolate block  – milk or dark.

Have yours morning to midnight, time never stays still when it comes to chocolate.


Here at Fardoulis, we believe you can have your chocolate and eat your cake too.

So c’mon … indulge, it is Friday after all!!

Have a great weekend chocolate lovers #chocolateblock


To view our entire range of products visit www.choc.com.au

Enjoy the little things in life …

In this day and age our lives seem full to the brink. It is too easy to overlook the simple things in life which in hindsight end up being the ones which impact us the most.


Always remember happiness comes with simplicity … for some it will be reading a good book or taking a walk out in nature. For me it is the simple fact of having a coffee with a beautiful friend, our angels in life.


We all have simple pleasures in life. Whatever yours is, make sure you spend time nurturing it. It is time we star celebrating the little things in life.

To view our entire range of products visit www.choc.com.au

I guess you could call me Chocarella…

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. Her name was Cinderella…

Fardoulis Chocolates have all the hearts #foiledheartschocolate. Seventeen fillings in our variety, solid dark or milk chocolate. So many choices to help make any day special.

I found this very cute glass carriage that took me back to one of my preferred Fairy Tales. I cannot imagine a life other than the one I am in #chocolateeveryday. 


 I guess you could call me Chocarella.


To view our entire range of products visit www.choc.com.au

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