Relaxing by the pool, the ultimate birthday indulgence

Something new, something blue, something relaxing and definitely enchanting.

The seaside, the beach and the winter sunshine are all perfectly suited for the milk chocolate hazelnut praline, the dark chocolate truffle mousse and a poolside; all enticing our last few weeks of winter blues #giftbox #gourmetchocolates

I have to admit that for me personally, relaxing by the pool in Queensland with a plate of our finest gourmet chocolates, was the ultimate birthday-week indulgence #birthdaytreat


On a plate, or maybe on a date, with friends, family or perhaps just chilling out. Regardless, a Tiramisu cup and mango pyramid will always be winners in our books. Eat, devour and taste the real essence of freshly made confection chocolate #tiramisucup #pyramid


It is often said that things come in three. An early morning or late afternoon coffee with passionfruit crème milk chocolate coated ganache and a little indulgence of our Limoncello heart in a blended 45% milk/dark chocolate. Absolute perfection! Yellow for sunshine and happiness. It is all about the cocoa and quality of the chocolate.


Are these available to buy? Absolutely on our online shop.

It is s close yet not too late to think about Spring and Dad #FathersDay

I am sure he would love some quality time with those close to him. But for those that just want to enjoy the best things in life, a Fardoulis Chocolate topped with a strawberry cream mousse might just make that time extra special. Happy Monday to all our chocolate fans. We wish you all a great week ahead.

Lots of chocolate love,

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Are you on team #mintcool or team #chillihot ?

If it is hip to be square and chilli makes us hot then fresh mint is sure to be cool. What does that make chocolate? An overindulgence on a cold winter day maybe? Or perhaps a sweet temptation with a surprising kick to it?

And while we expect preferences to be mixed amongst our chocolate lovers, we can’t help but love both our gourmet chillicup and epicurean mint. Are you team #mintcool or team #chillihot or maybe both?


Our decorative chocolate vase was handmade yesterday and truly it is very easy to do. Get excited because next week we will show our fans how to make a chocolate vase #chocolatevase



To compliment our vase we decided to make a few chocolate logs. They are especially hard to resist when blended with my two must haves ‘milk and dark chocolate’ #chocolatelog


And if chilli is not your cup of tea them maybe a cup of chocolate coffee beans will help get that heart of yours pumping in overdrive #coffeecup


With father’s day creeping  closer and closer each day be on the look out for a Father’s Day giveaway on our Facebook page. Two to three words is all we need about Dad. Mine  is “I adore” ‪#‎Bestiedad

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Chocolate secret … to be revealed soon!

Dear chocolate lovers,

A few months ago we sent out an email hinting that we have a BIG secret to reveal. The good news is that the wait is almost over, and we are about to reveal our chocolate secret really soon! The countdown is truly ON. #secret

In the meantime why not indulge in our popular strawberry cream which is featured being wrapped in all its pink glory #strawberrycreme


Chocolate is tempting us in the most sweetest way. I personally always loved anything pink and the month of August. Can you guess why?


Happy first Monday of the month.

Lots of chocolate love, Anna

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Chocolate Art – the Fardoulis recipe for FUN

Who would have guessed? Honey comb and chocolate, the perfect mid-week treat! The little bees at the Fardoulis Chocolates factory have been keeping busy.

A prime example of #ChocolateArt made with pure couverture chocolate. Everything was going just fine until we started to experience a craving for indulging. The question remained … Were we going nuts? It definitely seemed that way judging by our mouthwatering shots. This is a case where the eyes say ‘yes please’ and the mouth agrees.

Coconut creme dome #gourmet, surrounded by coconut ice cream and topped with the freshest roasted nuts. We call this the Fardoulis recipe for fun #chocolatechaos


Combine this with shavings of chocolate and you get a recipe for a night of dipping those fingers into a social sharing of sweet delights.


Eat it with pleasure! Happy hump day chocolate lovers!

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