A spoonful of love

Romantic fondue chocolate with real chocolate. What does this mean? Hurry to the table and start dipping. Smother your lips with the taste of pure couverture chocolate #spoonfuloflove

You will be presently surprised that (yes!) there is more to chocolate and it is not going to spoil the diet. In fact it will indeed make for a special night for two or sharing with friends.


Better hurry before our baby frog is about to jump the queue. Enjoy the week ahead out dear chocolate fans.


Love with chocolate …

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Winter chocolate bonfire

Winter days need chocolate warmth … a Tiramisu Cup, Cookies and Cream or Caramel Crunchy Domes or maybe a Coconut Creme epicurean, our own little winter chocolate bonfire.

These photos were taken by our very talented young nephew. They bring back warm memories of playing as a child with whatever could be found in our own backyards. Strangely, if not coincidentally, nothing seems to have changed …


… the trees dropping twigs on the grass today in my garden together with our chocolates #fardoulischocolates perfectly remind us that luxury is simply created to compliment the natural course of taste. Winter days, colours of earth and rich abundance of cocoa sweets. A decorative Rosella, a plant of Australia’s beauty. Forever fondness is the aftertaste of good chocolates.


Keep warm this week #winterchocolatebonfire


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Gourmet evergreen heart – happy Monday!

Rich in chocolate, the mountain flows with an evergreen heart to meet. Take a seat and ride with us in the journey of a treat, sweet as it may deem.

Truth is, nothing tastes better than pure couverture chocolate. Swirls are smooth, velvety decadence and bring with them a bright start to the week.

Gift yourself this luxury because you deserve to be treated with the best, it’s that simple!

Happy Monday everyone. May you all have a fabulous week ahead!


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Fardoulis Chocolates pleasure anytime, anyday

They say a leopard doesn’t change its spots, but when it comes to a big block of chocolate you have a different story. We can pretty much mould our chocolate into almost anything you like.

Just like our epicurean shape chocolates, which is as sweet as the lips behind the scenes.


It is human nature to create links and attachments to things that make us happy. Generally we associate purple with luxury, number 5 with a famous perfume and …


… number 8 always make us think of the infinity sign.

Here, we associate Fardoulis Chocolates with pleasures anytime, any day. To us chocolate is luxury best served with a sense of humor.


Make sure you all enjoy a bit of luxury this weekend, I know I will!

To view our entire range of products visit www.choc.com.au

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